Renting out your property

With almost 20 years of experience, PR Housing is a leading and reliable rental broker in The Hague and surroundings. With our large network, we can quickly bring your home to the attention of the right target group. There is a lot to consider when you want to rent out your home. Determining the right rental value, finding the right tenants, screening the tenant, contract negotiations and determining the lease form are important steps in this process. We are happy to support you in renting out your property in the best possible way.

Rental advice

The first step in the process is making an inventory of your wishes with regard to the property. We will consider the duration of a lease, the rental price, and much more. These are all matters that we discuss with you in advance in order to get the clearest picture of your wishes and expectations. After this, we will view the property and provide rental advice based on characteristics as the location of the property, quality, available square meters and an indication of other rentals in the neighbourhood.

If you decide on working with PR Housing to rent our your property, we will develop a service assignment in which all agreements regarding the rental are recorded.

Once you are ready for the rental and agreed with us on the specifications, we will prepare the online presentation of your property. This is an important part as a tenant makes his first selection based on the photos and information available on Funda. We therefore provide professional video and photography services which, in addition to standard photos, can produce 360 degree photos and high-end videos. This will also allow your property to be high in the search results on Funda. At PR Housing we will explain various presentation options and advise you which suits your property best.

Registration Funda

When all the elements for the online presentation are gathered, your property will appear on Funda. As owner of the property, you will receive a personal login code, so that you can track rental on Funda. This will enable you to see the amount of views, saves and more. We can, in consultation with you, also promote the property via our social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

The viewings

The last stage of renting out your property are the viewings. Make sure that the house is neat and tidy because you only get one chance for a first impression with the tenant. The viewings are carried out in compliance with the current COVID-19 measures. After the viewing you will receive feedback from us about what the potential tenant thought of the property and whether if further interest is expressed.


As soon as we have received a bid from a tenant, we will first thoroughly screen the tenant according to the latest WWFT legislation. This information will be presented to you. If the tenant is accepted in consultation with you, we will proceed to make the rental contract.

Lease agreement

Various types of lease are possible. Depending on your wishes and the wishes of the tenant, we will draw up the rental contract according to the latest ROZ regulations. We first submit the draft rental contract to you for approval before the tenant will sign it.

Check in

When both parties have signed and the tenant has paid the first rent and deposit, we will do a check in together with the tenant. We will walk through the house before handing over the key, take photos of all rooms and furniture and record all meter readings of gas, water and light. We do this entirely electronically and at the end of the inspection you will receive an extensive report with all findings of the state of the home at that time. This report can be used again when the tenant leaves the house at the end of the rental period.

Do you also want to rent out your home with us?

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