Selling your home with PR Housing Makelaars; Your real estate agent in The Hague

Selling a home often involves more than what you initially expect. In addition to a good preparation, estimation of the sale value and presenting your home in an appropriate manner, you can count on having to spend a bit of time collecting and completing a number of relevant documents. At PR Housing Makelaars you are in good hands. We will try to relieve you as much as possible in this process and, if possible, take these matters off your hands as much as possible.

Our method

First of all, the arrangements that we make are recorded in a easy to understand “service agreement”. These agreements concern the brokerage fee, the listed sales price, the presentation and other matters that are worth mentioning.

Our brokerage fee is a fixed percentage of the sale price. The commission is paid at the end of the assignment. So you have no brokerage costs up front.

Once the service agreement has been signed, we will start with the preparations for the sales process. We will gather the necessary information regarding the property, possible financing, V.V.E. and energy performance and in addition there are the two questionnaires that we will send you:

Questionnaire 1

This consists of a parts A and B. Part A concerns the current financing and whether permission from the mortgage provider is required to be allowed to sell the house. The information in part A is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Part B involves some general information for the buyers. It is possible to mention details about the house, such as any age clause, recent renovations or the presence of asbestos. Both questionnaires are extensive and require some of your time. These are important to fill in, but not to worry we are here to assist you.

Questionnaire 2

In the second questionnaire you can indicate which movable items will remains behind and which can be bought by the buyers. Movable items may include items that are not firmly attached to the home, such as carpeting, curtains, blinds, etc. No transfer tax is due on movable property included in the purchase price. It is good to remember that if the buyer does not want to take over that beautiful wall unit, you are obliged to remove it.

Photos & Videos

An important part of the presentation of your home are the photos and videos. After all, a buyer makes his first selection based on the photos and further the information that is available on first sight. We therefore use professional photographers and videographers to make that splashing first impression. In addition to standard photos and videos, 360-degree photos and high-end videos can be made. A good online presentation is imperative, both on Funda, the PRHousingMakelaars website and others to ensure top listings and maximum interest. We will explain the various presentation options and advise you which one will best suits your type of home and budget.

Measuring and floorplans

Since 2010 it became mandatory to use of the Measuring Instruction for Usable Area of Homes. In most cases, the house is digitally measured and the floor plans are immediately made. We will use these floorplans in the presentations to support the potential buyers interest in your property.

Energy label

It is now also a legal obligation to transfer your home with an energy label or energy performance certificate. Of course we can assist you in obtaining that.

Registration on the PR Housing Makelaars website and on Funda

After the property has been prepared, photos, floorplans, etc. have been made we will write a description of the property and add that to the presentation. Shortly after, the property will appear on our website and on Funda. You will receive a personal login code, so that you can watch the statistics and follow the entire sales process closely. You can see how many people view the house virtually and, for example, save the house as a favourite property. All and all very interesting information. In consultation with you, we can also promote the property through our social media channels.

The viewings

And then of course the viewings start. The presentations look smart, your house is ready for the visitors and we will host the moments we've all been waiting for. We try to plan the viewings on one day as much as possible. If applicable we will obviously take the COVID-19 measures into account.

The bidding process

There are basically two possibilities:

1. You set a date as the deadline for receiving the bids. Interested buyers must submit their (best) bid before that date and you can choose which bid best suits you as a seller. We guide you through the decision-making process, but the final decision rests with you as a seller.

Important elements are of course the purchase price as well as the conditions (mortgage requirements, delivery date, movable items, etc.).

2. You do not set a bid deadline and wait to see what kind of bids come in. In the meantime, if there is sufficient interest, you can choose with which buyer you want to continue, start the negotiation and find it best outcome.

It is important to know that you as a seller have the “right to award”. It implies that it is entirely up to you to determine to which buyer you want to sell. No buyer can demand any privileges.

The valuation

In some cases, for example when a buyer makes a reservation about obtaining a financing, a valuation report from an independent appraiser is required. A photo must be taken of every room to indicate that the appraiser has actually seen everything. We haply guide this process for you with the appraiser and possibly the purchasing broker.

Final settlement

When everything is in place, the notary gets to work. The notary makes the deed of transfer on the basis of the purchase agreement. This deed of delivery, also known as the title deed, is signed by the buyer and seller on the day of the (legal and actual) delivery. We check this deed of delivery and accompany you to the notary for signing. Nowadays (since Covid) it is customary for the notary to have the transfer done on behalf of the sellers by power of attorney.

The notary prepares a final settlement in advance. This shows the purchase price, what may still have to be repaid in terms of mortgage, settlements with the VvE and so on. As a homeowner you have to deal with government levies, for example from the municipality. Think of Real Estate Tax (OZB) and waste levy. These costs are settled by the notary as well and are also stated on the invoice.

Delivery of the house for the transfer at the notary

And then it's finally here...

Before the transfer of ownership at the notary, we agree for an inspection of the house together with the buyer. If all goes well, it is now empty with the exception of the movable property that were agreed upon. The buyer has the right to inspect the property. During this inspection, we jointly record the meter readings for the water, gas and electricity. The suppliers are already aware of the sale and need these meter readings for the final settlement.

The buyers go to the notary and the sale has become final. The funds will be transferred to you and you will enjoy a bottle of champagne offered by us for the results achieved!

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